Custom startup+shutdown scripts

Dominic Bishop dom at
Fri Feb 20 05:35:19 PST 2004

I am shortly going to try and install a Belkin universal UPS on one of my
FreeBSD machines running 5.2 using the nut utility.

Due to a failing in the Belkin protocol it requires some custom
startup/shutdown scripting to make it work in an unsupervised recovery,

This is shown in point 4 of

The shutdown code needs to be run without disks mounted as read/write since
it effectively holds the machine until power comes on or the UPS batteries
die, in the latter case this would cause an unclean shutdown with the disks
fully mounted and system up.

The startup script needs to be run before disks are mounted in read/write
and before filesystem checks for similar reasons.

I've looked through some of the rc scripts, namely rc.shutdown and a few
others but really aren't sure as to where I should make these changes so
they execute at the correct time in the boot/shutdown process. Could anyone
tell me where I should be making these additions?


Dominic Bishop

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