openldap w /sasl

Dogg Haus dogghaus at
Thu Feb 19 18:48:55 PST 2004

Hi, I'm having some difficulty installing openldap21-client with sasl support.  I have tried on several occasions from a fresh 5.2 install, and have had no luck.  The error I get when installing is:
configure: warning: SASL authentication not supported!

Here are the ports I installed from a fresh install:
openldap21-client	--WITH_SASL=yes

The only configuration files I modified were for sshd, vsftpd, and added /usr/local/etc/krb5.conf.  I can run kadmin from this machine to my internal krb5/ldap server, and have extracted a keytab for the machine.

My objective is to replace my redhat9 dmz box, which is running an ldap-enabled postfix relay, apache, and the horde suite.

I am new to freebsd, and definitely don't want a snag like this preventing me from continuing to use it.  Can anyone offer any help or suggestions?

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