vinum - suitablity for use with removable disks

Pietralla, Siegfried P siegfried.pietralla at
Thu Feb 19 14:46:51 PST 2004

hi all,

i want to use vinum with some removable ( e.g. usb2 ) hard disks. i want to
use vinum because : it lets me create as many appropriately sized volumes as
i need ; and, it doesn't matter whether the disk connects as da0 or da1
since vinum uses it's own label.

my question is, will vinum comfortably handle more than one disk where there
is an equal chance that none, one or more will be online at any one time. if
i plug in a disk, will i need to "restart" or "bring up" or whatever the
disk, or the plex etc every time a disk comes back online? if so, what is
the smallest set of commands i can use to do this?

note that i only intend to run single plexes ( no mirrors or raid 5 ) where
all subdisks reside on the same physical disk.

any thoughts or experiences appreciated.


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