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You can not use your FBSD sendmail server to send email to the
public internet because you do not have officially registered domain
name. You can install fetchmail to retrieve your email from your ISP
and populate your gateway sendmail mail boxes. Then config your lan
users mail clients to target your sendmail server to get their
email. But really that is a lot of busy work unless you want to
learn about how email works. What you should really do is config
your lan users email clients to get their email directly from your
ISP, side stepping sendmail completely.  You will only use sendmail
to receive email msgs to root from the FBSD operating system. You
know, when you log in an root, the you have mail mesg.

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Excuse the extreme nature of my newbieness, I will try and do my
here. I am using  4.9-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE on i386.
Basically, I
am having trouble with sendmail. I know sendmail is running:

$ ps -aux | grep sendmail
root     97  0.0  0.8  3052 1552  ??  Ss   Tue10PM   0:07.85
accepting connections (sendmail)
smmsp   100  0.0  0.8  2932 1436  ??  Is   Tue10PM   0:00.13
Queue runner at 00:30:00 for /var/spool/clientmqueue (sendmail)

I can go into pine, and send mail to other users on the system. i.e.
mail dan at localhost from root at localhost.  My problem is that I cannot
send mail out to the Internet.  It appears it just goes into a black
hole and its gone. I am not really too sure even how to monitor the
sendmail log. I found some sendmail logs in /var/log, but when I
them, they are either blank or jibberish.  My BSD server does not
have a
domain or a real IP. (for example the computer name is which cannot be resolved from the Internet, and
IP of the machine is I have one of those cheap-o
DHCP DSL/Cable routers that is acting as a network gateway.  I have
through the sendmail configuration section of the FreeBSD handbook,
it appears that everything should pretty much be working fine out of
box.  I guess my questions are:

1) How to I monitor the sendmail log
2) Do I need to do anything special with respect to DNS to get
to be able to send outside of localhost

Any help, guidance, de-dumbifying would be greatly appreciated.


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