Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Feb 19 10:05:55 PST 2004

Pedro Sam wrote:
> On Wednesday February 18 2004 20:30, Robert Huff wrote:
[ ... ]
> Just wondering... if one installed 4.9, would the system be stuck with really 
> outdated userland apps?  or would CVSup be able to update the userland ports, 
> without changing the base system?

A FreeBSD 4.9 installation will contain quite modern userland applications. 
You can use cvsup to update both the sources for userland or for the ports 

You can also install a port (by default things go under /usr/local) to get a 
newer version of software than what FreeBSD ships, but the base system and 
ports are kept seperate (by default, again).

> This way, one can get an update(perhaps unstable) userland, but need not fear 
> the OS crashing...

If you want maximum stability, track RELENG_4_9 for now; otherwise track 
-STABLE (which is RELENG_4, currently).


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