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If you are using natd and have recompiled your kernel with the appropriate
options then this should work for you.
These are entries to your /etc/rc.conf, (just a starting point, you can fine
tune to your needs):
natd_flags="-f /etc/natd.conf"

In the above statement natd_interface="fxp0", fxp0 is the outside nic of
your system.
Next put these statements in your /etc/natd.conf file as referenced above,
(natd.conf doesn't exist by default, you'll create it):
same_ports	yes
dynamic	yes
redirect_port tcp inside_address:port outside_address:port
redirect_port udp inside_address:port outside_address:port

As shown above, don't forget to redirect udp traffic if the service you're
trying to facilitate needs it. Also know that the ports for the inside and
the outside don't have to match. For example, my service provider blocks
http/port 80 traffic coming in to my connection so my statement in the
natd.conf file would be something like:
redirect_port outside_address:8080

By doing so outside connectivity attempts to my isp assigned address have to
be stated as: http://outside_address:8080.

FYI if you ever want to host gaming sessions on an inside system like
Counter strike or Unreal Tournament, then put a couple of lines like these
in your natd.conf file, (these examples are ones that I used so that my
buddies and I could blast away in Unreal Tournament):

redirect_port tcp inside_address:7777-7781 outside_address:7777-7781
redirect_port udp inside_address:7777-7781 outside_address:7777-7781

As you make these changes you can apply them without restarting by running

Hope that helps.


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Dear Friends,

The example in the NAT documents is sufficient, can anyone tell me how to
redirect ports in the NAT machine. How to put the following command in the
rc.conf ? I want to use one of the amchine behind the NAT to run web server.

-redirect_port tcp 6667
-redirect_port tcp 80



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