Alcatel Speedtouch 330 using PPPOE, how can I do it on FreeBSD 4.9?

Godinho, Carla carla.godinho at
Thu Feb 19 04:01:36 PST 2004

Is there anyone who has run with success the Modem Alcatel Speedtouch
330 (USB) using the PPPOE, for FreeBSD 4.9?
Where can I find Alcatel Speedtouch 330 drivers or (ports) for FreeBSD
4.9 using the PPPOE?
I'm trying to connect this kind of Modem in my system FreeBSD 4.9, but
the only drivers I've found were for pppoa2 and pppoa3, and my ADSL
Provider uses the pppoe.

Please help me on this matter!

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