Win200 gateway blocking FBSD html?

Aled Treharne aled.treharne at
Thu Feb 19 03:47:51 PST 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 08:30, Alex de Kruijff wrote:
> Dear Robert,
> > The problem - I cannot access any web sites with http. Doesn't
> matter if I use Konqueror, Mozilla or Lynx. Yet, all the Windows
> machines on this network can browse the web (using Internet Explorer)
> without difficulty.
> > Is it somehow possible that the Windows gateway only allows Internet
> Explorer to work? Doesn't seem possible, but what do I know? All
> suggestions welcome.
> No a firewall doesn't know anything like that. It makes it choices based


> known working client. The other option is that is a proxy server

Ah! And here lies the crux of it. If you have Microsoft Proxy server
installed with Proxy client on each of the machines, the Proxy client
hooks into the IP stack of the client machine. I've never looked into it
in any depth, but this may be what is causing your headaches.

The solution is either to set up the proxy server to proxy HTTP
properly, install a different Proxy software on there (try Wingate), or
alternatively, install FreeBSD and squid on there. :)


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