"Cannot find file system superblock" error - how to recover?

Sergey 'DoubleF' Zaharchenko doublef at tele-kom.ru
Thu Feb 19 02:45:58 PST 2004

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On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 12:31:55 -0800 (PST)
"Scott I. Remick" <scott at sremick.net> probably wrote:

> --- Sergey 'DoubleF' Zaharchenko <doublef at tele-kom.ru> wrote:
> > Here you should have answered `y' (it doesn't ask you to change
> > anything yet). Let's try that again, shall we?
> Sorry, ok I went through it again, saying Y to all the "Continue?" prompts
> but N to all the ones that talked about changing things. The final result
> was huge, so instead of posting it here I'll host it on my site:
> http://vtbsd.net/fschk.txt

Sorry for timing out and sending a NAK mail too soon.

> > Well, after all fsck doesn't seem mad (`erase everything and mark fs
> > clean').

Quoting part of it to the list:

> CLEAR? [yn] n
> 1268475613 BAD I=5789756
> -1633222987 BAD I=5789756
> 2069254589 BAD I=5789756
> -575751885 BAD I=5789756
> 868457706 BAD I=5789756
> 1801998801 BAD I=5789756
> -1342935077 BAD I=5789756
> -1580481935 BAD I=5789756
> -1823336811 BAD I=5789756
> 837335149 BAD I=5789756
> 2115764945 BAD I=5789756
> CONTINUE? [yn] y

> SIZE=512 MTIME=Jun  6 07:21 2001
> DIR=?
> SALVAGE? [yn] n
> MISSING '.'  I=5789753  OWNER=1001 MODE=40755
> SIZE=512 MTIME=Jun  6 07:21 2001
> DIR=?

I was, not to be rude, TOO optimistic:(

This is, to my mind, one of three things.

a) the superblock copy we are using is largely incorrect.
b) (the superblock and) several directories are.
c) the whole disk is.

the first one being more probable in case of a `natural' failure (like
power failure or such) (if anyone's willing to second that, I'd like
to hear).

> I have ordered an additional 80GB drive for this very purpose (along w/ an
> external USB enclosure but we don't have to get that working yet). I will
> let you know when it arrives. If the next step you want to do is going to
> make changes, I'm happy to wait until the 2nd drive is here and we can do
> the dd.

Before I read the log, I thought that buying an extra drive for this
very purpose wasn't necessary. Now, I've changed my opinion.

> Thanks!

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