Chris Neustrup druid45 at
Wed Feb 18 22:18:34 PST 2004

I have set up Apache 2 on my laptop.  I have updated the OS to 5.2.
Thanks to a gentle and very useful prompting from Kris I have gotten
a stable XF86 with the latest Firefox via cvsup.  So far, so good.
Question #1: Is there a good Thunderbird for my mail for FreeBSD?
Question #2: This is tougher.  I am having trouble getting this
Firefox/Apache to properly render color in the index.html.
Question #3: To test Firefox, I started an old Netscape 4.8 package
and it showed an index.html in a completely unrelated location.
I have configured the httpd.conf and it seems to be working properly
for the Apache/Firefox.

This stuff is great, people like Kris are fabulous for the growth
and progress of this software.  Regardless of how this turns out,
thanks to all for a great community.

peace, cn.
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