make installkernel

Chris racerx at
Wed Feb 18 15:51:03 PST 2004

On Wednesday 18 February 2004 04:34 pm, James Brasil wrote:
> hello,
> I'm still very new to freebsd and have run into a glitch upgrading from:
> dawn# uname -a
> FreeBSD dawn.brasil 4.9-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 4.9-PRERELEASE #0: Sun Sep 28
> 08:00:09 EDT 2003     james at dawn.brasil:/usr/src/sys/compile/LINT  i386
> I ran a make buildkernel kernconf=GENERIC with out issues after cvsup to
> releng_5_2.

Did you follow the directions in the handbook? Did you read /usr/src/UPDATING?
The issue you are having is simply this, it looks to me as if you did not 
follow the correct order of doing things.

Best regards,

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