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Wed Feb 18 14:43:01 PST 2004

> how do i fix mplayer-gtk-esound-0.92.0_5 so i can install mplayer?   thanks

Dunno, however if you can live with mplayer without GUI (like me), you can 
modify the mplayer port's Makefile so that it doesn't use any GTK stuff.

I.e., comment out:

#.if ${HAVE_GNOME:Mesound}!=""

I also had to comment out this for 5.2-RELEASE:

#.if ${OSVERSION} >= 502000
#BROKEN=                "Does not compile"

After that it compiles and works perfectly on this machine.

(Should I file a PR for this anybody? I mean, mplayer is *very* usable without 
a GUI, so I would personally rather see the GTK usage being skipped rather 
than having it marked as broken manually.)

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