Need help restoring toasted drive

Michael R. Wayne wayne at
Wed Feb 18 13:38:15 PST 2004

I think the FreeBSD boot manager took out my laptop drive and I'm
hoping to get it back (and willing to go to some extensive effort
to do so).

Dual boot Win2K and FreeBSD.  Just upgraded it to current yesterday.
Rebooted FreeBSD a number of times with no issues.  Today, I needed
to use the Win2K side of things, that booted a number of times as well.

But, when I tried to flip back to FreeBSD, the disk lost it's mind.
Up came the normal prompt:
   F1   ??		(windows partition)
   F2   FreeBSD
But when I hit F2, it changed to 
   F4   FreeBSD
which now does nothing other than looping forever.

I booted from the 5.2 FreeBSD mini-iso CD, looked at the disktable
and the whole disk is marked "unused".  Win2K says it can't see
anything either.  So, I suspect that the partition/label info is
gone but everything else should be there.

Any ideas on how I can dig around and put things back?

/\/\ \/\/

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