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> Is there a way I can administer my FreeBSD web server from my pc?

Sure, there's ssh. With ssh you can also do sftp, which works like ftp,
only it's encrypted via ssh.
If your server is on a trusted network, you can also use rlogin or
telnet, but if you connect to you web-server via the internet, *don't
use these*, because they are *very* insecure. 
I run a headless NetBSD-machine at home, which I use as a small home
server (nfs mainly) - except for installing the system or changing
BIOS-settings I can do *everything* via remote login. 

If you run a Un*x-like system on your PC (like, uh, FreeBSD, some other
BSD, Linux) you can also run X11-applications remotely on the server and
have their windows displayed on your local machine - just login with
'ssh -X user at host'. If you run windows, you can do that, too, but you
have to install third-party software. XFree is available for Win32,
also, there are some commercial packages. I think, Exceed does something
like that.

There are ssh-clients available for windows, as well, of course.

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