Kdevelop3 port HOWTO?

J. Seth Henry jshamlet at comcast.net
Wed Feb 18 09:55:30 PST 2004

I would like to help out the kdevelop project by building and testing releases 
on my system. However, as it comes from the project, the source won't 
configure OR (if I managed to dink with the configure script enough to get it 
to complete) compile on my system. This includes the released 3.0.0 version, 
which works in the port tree, so clearly something was done in the ports tree 
to make it build on FreeBSD.

Can anyone tell me what? I'd like to test out a patch in the 3.0.1 version and 
verify that the bug was fixed. Alternately, does anyone know when 3.0.1 is 
going to be included in the ports tree for cvs?

BTW- I submitted a more detailed question to kde at freebsd.org, but haven't 
gotten a reply.

Seth Henry

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