Request For some Help on Netgraph Nodes

Arunav Roy arunavroyal at
Wed Feb 18 08:27:05 PST 2004

Hello Friends , 
	I am Arunav Roy . I have recently started working on
NETGRAPH  .  Even I am planning to write program for a
netgraph node through which I could  connect my node
to the Ether node and read the packets  , capture them
and  make changes  
in the packet fields . 
	I have tried out a few things and I have faced
problems in few things such as : 
1)  How to print the packet information on the konsole
when the packet passes through the node. 
2)  How can I make changes in the Packet header 
3)  What are the different types of errors which we
can induce in  TCP/IP connection to test the
reliability of TCP/IP 
 These are few of my doubts . I will be very grateful
if somebody could help me out with my difficulty. I
would  definitely be looking forward for some help. 

			      -  Arunav  Roy	
			    ( arunavroyal at	

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