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>    Bonjour,
>    je vien d'apprendre que linux à un OS 64bit --> freeBSD 64.
>    Je n'ai jamais utilisé linux aupartavant et j'aimerai bien savoir
>    comment pourrais je le télécharger et l'installé sur mon AMD 64.
>    Je vous remercie d'avance.
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>    Hello,
>    I learn that linux have a OS 64bit --> freeBSD 64.
>    I never used linux and I will like to know how could I download it and
>    installed on my AMD 64.

Well, you are asking this on a FreeBSD mail list.  FreeBSD is NOT Linux.
(It is better :-) ) 

You can download and install FreeBSD quite easily.  Start at the
FreeBSD web page   find and read the handbook
installation instructions on that site.  It explains things in detail.

Basically, there are two ways.  One is to download a boot/install image
either for CD or floppy if you don't have CD.  Use it to boot the
machine and install over the net from one of the FreeBSD sites.
The other way is to buy a set of installation CDs from one of several
places that package a FreeBSD installation.  is
one of them, and there are others.

You can create a system with both FreeBSD and Linux (and MS-Win as well)
called creating a dual boot system if you want.  There is information
in the handbook about doing that.

Also, I would guess there might be a French version of the documentation
as well as download mirrors in France if that is helpful.


>    I thank you in advance.
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