pxe boot problems

Mipam mipam at ibb.net
Wed Feb 18 06:34:42 PST 2004

In loader.rc i did unset acpi and now it gets a little further:
after loading mfsroot (rotating /), after that i see:

no such file or directory

Then press enter to boot kernel now ....
the kernel is located /boot/kernel/kernel
when i press enter all i see is a / and the system hangs.
Any hints?


> Im trying to install freebsd on a system (i386 system) without cdrom or
> floppy.
> I created a loader.rc and the kernel (used from /boot/kernel) and I
> created an mfsroot from the mfsroot.flp which can be downloaded from
> freebsd.org. The kernel is loaded, then mfsroot is loaded.
> my loader.rc
> echo Loading mfsroot...
> load -t mfs_root /mfsroot
> echo booting...
> echo \007\007
> echo initializing h0h0magic...
> set boot_userconfig
> set vfs.root.mountfrom="ufs:/dev/md0c"
> boot
> after mfsroot has been loaded is see:
> initializing h0h0magic...
> then a loud BEEP and then it stops and the system reboots.....
> What am i doing wrong? Any hints what to do now?
> Bye,
> Mipam.

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