vinum raid5 subdisks keep changing length?

Tony Frank tfrank at
Tue Feb 17 21:33:03 PST 2004

Hi again,

On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 11:01:36PM +1100, Tony Frank wrote:

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> Despite this logging oddity everything else appears to work just fine using 4.9-RELEASE.
> I am currently building world based on RELENG_4 cvsup from this evening.
> Will try it all again with the new kernel & world probably tomorrow.
> Main thing that is different is that I no longer have a vinum root environment.
> I might try to rebuild that while I wait for world to build.
> Vinum root needs a bit more planning from the start due to disk offsets and the like...

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> Will further report tomorrow on outcome of further testing.
> Scenarios:
> data raid5 with vinum root on 4.9-RELEASE
> plain data raid5 with RELENG_4
> data raid5 with vinum root on RELENG_4

Well I have rebuilt my setup with vinum root + raid5 data volume.
I originally rebuilt it on 4.9-RELEASE GENERIC kernel + world from CD #1.
Without going so far as to do hardware failure testing, I did not observe
any problems other than the lack of vinum entries from bootup in the logs.

I then upgraded the system to RELENG_4 GENERIC kernel (cvsup yesterday) and
world built from same sources.
Still no problems after reboots or as a result of any other 'normal' operations.

I then built & installed a custom kernel based on RELENG_4 GENERIC (remove lot 
of drivers and add IPFW etc) and still it all works fine and without any 
obvious issues.

As such I suspect the previous scenario was likely a result of user error and 
some obscure combination of events.

If I'm bored again tomorrow I might rebuild the lot again but starting with
the RELENG_4 level instead of 4.9-RELEASE to see if that has any impacts.

Thanks for your time,


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