Video card compatibility

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Tue Feb 17 13:37:09 PST 2004

> Hello Support !
> I bought FreeBSD 5.1 and Handbook for my 10 year old "computer nut" son 
> for Christmas and have had problems installing the full graphical version.

Good choice.  Get him started right.

> When asked for "video card" on installation, I don't' know what to select. 
> I have on-board video on the motherboard at this site. 
> I also have an old monitor but I don't think that's the problem.
> Will I need to buy a separate video card and if so would you have any 
> suggestions?

I hope someone who knows more than I about this subject also responds.

But, to figure out what to put for video card and driver, etc I use
three sources and I usually have to pore over all of them and combine
the information.   
I try to get as much information from the vendor/manufacturer as possible.
  Usually their web pages have something useful.
I dig through the dmesg output until I think I have figured out which 
  lines refer to the video stuff.
I go to the Xfree86 support web site and go through their lists.   That 
  is probably the most complete source because it is really XFree86 that
  is talking to your video card anyway.
  The Xfree86 page is:
  Then do some serious digging.


> Thank you very much for your help!!
> Brad Fligor
> 508-627-4862
> _______________________________________________

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