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Tue Feb 17 12:47:41 PST 2004

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, bradford fligor wrote:

> Hello Support !
> I bought FreeBSD 5.1 and Handbook for my 10 year old "computer nut" son for Christmas and have had problems installing the full graphical version.
> When asked for "video card" on installation, I don't' know what to select. I have on-board video on the motherboard at this site.
> I also have an old monitor but I don't think that's the problem.
> Will I need to buy a separate video card and if so would you have any suggestions?

Well, that site does not tell us what kind of video card it is exactly.
Open the case and look for the video card chip. Write down that

As for your monitor you will need basic information about it also.
Horz and Vert freq range. What resolution can it do? hopefully something
like 1024x756...

There are 3 different programs that will help configure X.
all 3 can be accessed from /stand/sysinstall program.

This is often difficult for new people to nix.
Send us this info and we can help determine what driver
you need to use.


> Thank you very much for your help!!
> Brad Fligor
> 508-627-4862
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