TV card

Danny Pansters danny at
Mon Feb 16 15:18:15 PST 2004

On Monday 16 February 2004 16:15, Edd Barrett wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a decent tv card that will work under freebsd in the uk?

Anything with a Brooktree card should work, see bktr(4), e.g. WinTV, Miro, and 
some others. I think also USB devices with a bktr chip work but I don't have 
one myself. Brooktree 848 and 878 are sure to work, newer chipsets might.

If you're going to use sound through the TV card, it will most likely be 
msp34xx (top of my head might be misspelled). I only use it with a camcorder 
and cable signal, with sounds plugged into my soundcard but you should be 
able to use sound from a TV/Coax signal.



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