newbie problem building fetchmail from ports

Marty Landman MLandman at
Mon Feb 16 13:56:37 PST 2004

At 04:04 PM 2/16/2004, Kent Stewart wrote:

>You could try the pkg_add -r feature which will fetch the proper version 
>for your current system.

I did, but couldn't find the port -- guess I'm mixing agp slots and eide's?

So I'm make'ing it from the tar.gz already had.

>hehehe - my way of looking at things is that anyone can be an expert at 
>something on a computer.

Wow Kent, you're absolutely right; that's what first attracted me to these 
critters back in college.

>In addition, no matter how good you get, you will still have embarassing 
>holes that will be pointed out to you in a
>public forum :).

Yes, there's always that.

>I typically don't talk about the mini-iso.

Hmm, maybe I should finally break down and order the cd set for the latest 
release - since I don't plan on switching to cable anytime soon and have 
about run out of favors from neighbors who have it already. Then again :)

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