FreeBSD on Dell PowerEdge 2500

Andrew L. Gould algould at
Mon Feb 16 13:17:06 PST 2004

On Monday 16 February 2004 02:04 pm, moliveri at wrote:
> Anyone have any experience installing FreeBSD on a Dell PowerEdge server?
> 2500 or any other? I'm looking at having to do so and, having not done it
> before, I'm just wondering if there are any gotchas I should be aware of
> or if I have to use their OpenManage CDs or something.
> Take care,
> Mike

The server I have at work is a Dell PowerEdge.  I think the specific model is 
1400SC; but my memory could be faulty.  It's on the other side of Texas, so I 
can't see the case right now.

The server came with a small, bootable dos partition at the beginning of the 
scsi hard drive that has certain utilities.  Since I was new to FreeBSD at 
the time; I left the dos partition in place.  The Dell CD's were put in a 
drawer.....somewhere.  I've never used them.

FreeBSD installed easily and has performed flawlessly.  I don't remember what 
version I installed back in 2001; but the server has remained on the STABLE 
track via cvsup and 'make world'.  The server houses PostgreSQL databases 
used for clinical analysis and acts as a SAMBA server for the analysts.

I've replaced the IDE CDROM with a Sony DVD RW DRU-500A to burn gzipped 
pg_dump files to DVD-R.  Dealing with the server's screwless case drove me 
nuts.  The DRU-500A's went on clearance -- good price for excellent hardware, 
if you can still find one.

My only advice is the same for all computers:  Max out the RAM while it's 
relatively inexpensive.

Happy serving,

Andrew Gould

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