Teilhard Knight teilhk at
Sun Feb 15 20:26:58 PST 2004

> You should be installing 4.9, all the 5.x series is from the
> development branch of the code tree, it's where all the new and
> untested code is first tested out. 5.2 has many show stopper bugs
> dealing with the install process to any thing other than the first
> partition on the primary IDE master hard drive. If you don't know
> how to debug system kernel code, 5.2 is not for you.

Yes, right, you confirm my doubts about installing 5.2. I knew what you say
about 5.0 when I decided to install 4.7 in another machine. But there is so
much promotion of 5.2 in the FreeBSD page, that I entertained the idea that
it was OK to install it now. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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