startup daemon as unpriviliged user

Craig Reyenga craig at
Fri Feb 13 17:04:23 PST 2004

man 5 crontab -- check out "@reboot"

Or, for something crazy, man gettytab; you can autologin on a tty and then
use a shell script to do all kinds of fun things. I used to run X without
xdm that way.

Hope this helps.


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> Hey everyone.  Here's a general question for you.
> I have a FreeBSD 4.8 system that runs fetchmail for me as an
> unprivileged everyday userid.  The problem is that the machine isn't
> on the most reliable powergrid one could hope for.
> So when the system comes back up after going down, I ALWAYS forget
> that I have to get fetchmail restarted.  If I forget for too long,
> there's so much mail it blows the server that receives the mail into
> oblivion (also FreeBSD 4.8, running Sendmail, Cyrus Imapd, and the
> main culprit, Spamassassin - spamd).  This is so bad that I often have
> to reboot the receiving system.
> So, how can I get a process to run automatically on startup for an
> unprivileged user?
> Thanks.
> Lou
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