Using dhclient to update zoneedit with my dynamic IP address

JJB Barbish3 at
Fri Feb 13 11:17:23 PST 2004


Thanks for the pointer to the 'man dhclient-script'.

I read through it 3-5 times and the best I can make out of what
it says is, that if I create an file like this
/etc/ with this content

#! /bin/sh
wget -O - --http-user=username --http-passwd=password,

Then every time dhclient runs (IE: at bootup and lease expire)
the gets run.

I this the correct interpretation?

My wget command does not need the ip address or even know that it
changed, the event of running and making contact with the zoneedit
site will give zoneedit the ip address value of the system
requesting the http url request. I just need this to be launched at
the correct time and dhclient is the correct facility and timing to
do this.

Any help would be greatly approached


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On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 05:32:42PM -0500, JJB wrote:
> The zonedeit FAQ says this command can be used in dhclient to
> update my dynamic ip address at zoneedit when ever dhclient
> gets an new IP lease from my ISP.
> wget -O - --http-user=username --http-passwd=password
> Anybody doing this, or know what to add to /etc/dhclient.conf to
make this
> happen

Check the manpage for dhclient-script, specifically regarding the
hook and /etc/dhclient-exit-hooks.



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