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On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 23:51:19 -0600
Quintin Riis <webmaster at> wrote:

> mp3 is outdated, use vorbis.

I wouldn't say so. 
Unless you show me an affordable hardware-vorbis-player. There's plenty
of CD-Players that will also play mp3-CDs, just like most
Also, I hear, XMMS does not support vorbis. I don't know for sure,

Furthermore, mp3 offers suffcient audio-quality (if your audio-source is
of good quality and your encoder is good) for most circumstances -
Vorbis, as far as I know, offers superior audio-quality only at bitrates
above 160 kbps. And at that bitrates, I don't think I could tell mp3
from vorbis, at least not using my ES1371-based sound-card and my cheap
active speakers. 

Just to make things clear, there's *nothing* wrong with vorbis. If you
care for audio-quality primarily and your source offers that degree of
quality, go for vorbis! 
But there *are* reasons for still using mp3, and it's not exactly like
mp3 sucks. =)

> abcde is nice, as is cdparanoia

AFAIK, abcde only serves as a frontend for various other tools
(cdparanoia, lame, oggenc, ...). You still need cdparanoia, oggenc,
lame, for abcde to work.

> 		Quintin

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