"shutdown -p now" causes auto power up at midnight

Ed Sweeney edwardsweeney at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 13 06:01:30 PST 2004

running 5.2.x current w/acpi active on an hp dl140

when i "shutdown -p now" the system powers off, then at
exactly midnight the system powers on.  does the now/0
become a boot time instead of a shutdown time on some

when i "shutdown -h now" and manually press the pwr button,
the system stays down.

i won't be surprised if this is an hp acpi issue, but i am
surprised i don't see any midnight power up(s) reported in
the freebsd or hp mailing list archives.  it is a dev
system.  i guess it might be unusual to keep a server
powered down so much.  closest issues in the archives are
related to haunted laptops restarting, but no mention of a
fixed 00:00 boot time.  whatdidimiss?

Ed Sweeney, New York City
mailto:ed at edsweeney.net

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