using the Future Domain TMC-18C30 Scsi Card

kenny go_cool at
Thu Feb 12 21:04:36 PST 2004

Hi i like to begin by talking about my hardware.
I have a Intel Pentium 200mmx computer with 64 megs of RAM. I am booting off of an ide drive(ad2s1a). The version is FreeBSD 4.9-production release. The problem i have is with a scsi card. It is a Future Domain TMC-18C30 with a boot bios ver. 3.3. I have a digital DSP3105 Hard drive ID4 hooked up to it. 

I have added the following to the Kernel and compiled it
device   stg0 at isa? port0x140 irq 11
device   scbus0 at stg0
device   da0 at scbus0 at target 4 unit 0

i have the scsi delay at 30000 ms.

The kernel boots and recognize the stg0 card. It also seems it sees the hard drive. But after recognizing the cd drive, the scsi bus tries to probe the bus and couldn't do it. The bus timeout and it dispays the targets 0-9. on the 4th target the message is different. It seems there is a device there. The bus tries to reset. and the cycle goes on for 20 minutes until the 4th message is the same as the other ones(meaning the hard drive is tired of sending info). then it mounts / and goes into multi-user.

I couldn't get the dmesg because it doesn't contain everything except the bus reset.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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