what is your favorite kernel patch revolving around networking.

matthew matthew at netway.com
Thu Feb 12 16:12:57 PST 2004


	In the last few months I have used successfully two different
kernel patches that helped solved problems I had.

	The first is the multiple ip jail patch by Pawel Dawidek.
His site is at garage.freebsd.pl.  He really saved the day for me
when my jailed stats machine needed to get data from a different
segment of the LAN. When my jailed nameserver had 3 ips. etc...

	I used 4.9-REL and patched by hand for the learning exp.

	The second kernel patch I used to solve a problem was the
Multipath route table ported to 4.8 by Ed Tanzer.
<tanzer at dsm.fordham.edu>.

	The original author is <chrisy at flirble.org>.

	I had a FreeBSD machine with 5 nics. One nic was the uplink.
The other 4 went to NET2NET dsl boxes. Those 4 pairs went via telephone
pole to the local fire department/townhall. They went into their matching
NET2NET box into a Cabletron SSR with already could do routes with
multiple gateways.  If a NET2NET box failed, watch out for 25% packet
loss! This patch did not remove the gateway if it went down. Happened to
me once.

	My question is, what kernel patches have you used to solve
networking problems on FreeBSD that the releases couldn't do?

	I would be very interested in your opinion and a link to the
creator's site.

	I would like to say thank you to the authors of the above patches
if you are reading this.

matthew at netway.com

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