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Lauri Watts lauri at kde.org
Thu Feb 12 14:41:17 PST 2004

On Thursday 12 February 2004 22.38, Lauri Watts wrote:

> With some judicious cleaning up of the cruft in /usr/ports/* (try
> portsclean, part of the portupgrade suited), possibly nuking /usr/obj
> (although you'll want space back for that if you build world again) and
> some investigation into maybe rolling over logs more often, and emptying
> out /tmp,  there's no pressing reason the OP should need to repartiiton and
> reinstall, especially not for the sake of either KDE or GNOME.

To clarify this, since I'm editing my silly typo below, personally, I think I 
would reinstall in the current situation.  I just meant it's probably not 
urgently in need of doing right this minute just to get KDE running.  There's 
probably a fair amount of cleanup, and the other posters symlinking 
suggestions, that will provide the immediate solution of 'get back up and 
running' for the present.  A reorganisation in the future, is not a bad idea 

> I think for most people the installers auto defaults are not pretty

s/not/now/ I meant here, honest.

Lauri Watts
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