Problem with ssh

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at
Thu Feb 12 11:49:19 PST 2004

Hi again everyone.  Ok, this issue just popped up today on a different
machine, but it's still bugging me either way.  My home mail server
(freebsd 4.8) has SSH available to the internet so I can get into the
box from work if need be.  That is the only port open as it's a fetching
mail server so port 25 isn't available to the rest of the world.  Nor is
110.  What I just discovered today is that my sshd is allowing auth by
public key OR password.  I don't want it to auth by password.  JUST
public key.  So in other words if you don't already have the public key
file, well, it sucks being you because you won't get connected.

Anyone know how to do this?  Or would this question be better handled on
an SSH mailing list?  If so, which list is best and how do I sign up? 
Much apreciated on the info.  Thanks.

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