/tmp full (newbie)

gaf moak at bredband.net
Thu Feb 12 11:26:29 PST 2004

Im a newbie to unix and FreeBSD. I have 5.2 installed. When installing I 
followed the advice in The Complete FreeBSD and made the following 
/                     4G
swap          800M
/home           35G
 I have KDE 3.2  installed I have done cvsup on src and ports new kernel 
etc etc.
Today I tried to install a new browser and I got the information that my 
filesystem is full.  When I tried to start KDE I got the message that 
/tmp is full. I would really apprecite some help. What to do?? Can I 
give you some other info and if so what and how???
Many thanks Gaf

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