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Thu Feb 12 10:04:40 PST 2004

"Evan Dower" <evantd at> writes:

> I've actually been running FreeBSD for quite a while now, but I've
> never known exactly how to handle this. In rc.conf, one must specify a
> hostname. If you're using DHCP to set up your network though, your
> FQDN (fully qualified domain name) can change without notice. It seems
> like a Good Idea to have your hostname be your FQDN, since some things
> will do a reverse lookup on your IP to verify that it matches the
> hostname you supplied. In particular I'm thinking of SMTP servers
> here. (send-pr doesn't work for me because my mail gets rejected.) So,
> when you're autoconfiguring your network interfaces, what should you
> put in rc.conf's hostname variable? Is there something else I can do
> that would allow me to have something nicer looking, but still send my
> FQDN when asked?

If you don't set your hostname in rc.conf, dhclient should change it
for you when it finds out what it is.  

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