kdelibs3 configure script reports LibXext error

Michael Dunham m.dunham at connectingteams.com
Wed Feb 11 17:40:42 PST 2004

On Wednesday 11 February 2004 05:02 pm, Kent Stewart wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 February 2004 04:08 pm, Michael Dunham wrote:
> > OleVo wrote:
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> > Subject: kdelibs3 configure script reports LibXext error
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> > I'm trying to install the KDE3 which came with freeBSD 4.9 from
> > ports. Unfortunately the installation fails while installing the
> > kdelibs3 with the following error:
> >
> > ----------------Snip ----------------------------
> > I had a very similar error on 5.1 Current which I solved after a lot
> > of trial and error, and of course emails to lists.  There is good
> > information on this on the FreeBSD at KDE page and the freebsd-ports
> > mailing list.
> Actually, the damaged foot looks to be self-inflicted. His port list
> includes XFree86-libraries and libXext. Since kdelibs couldn't detect
> libXext, he probably installed libXext last. Before he tries anything
> else, he needs to delete the port libXext and reinstall
> XFree86-libraries. He may still have the same problem but I never had
> any problem updating kdelibs from 3.1.4 to 3.2.0 on FreeBSD-4.9-stable.
> Kent

It could be, I know there are several conflicts in the 3.2 upgrade that are 
related to moving applications among ports and libraries.  Because of that 
the order of the upgrade is important and I also found because I initially 
did things out of order, I had to do some some fresh installs to get things 
back to ground zero.  At one point, while trying to run down the 
dependencies, I ended up with two versions of KDEBase installed.  That was 

There are several related threads on the ports mailing list and here on the 
questions list because of the changes that have been made.  People haven't 
put all the issues together yet, so we are just poking around in the dark to 
some degree.  Hopefully, someone is watching who understands the interaction 
and can update the related ports in a more cohesive way.  

So, on we go...
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