Charles Swiger cswiger at
Wed Feb 11 13:09:29 PST 2004

On Feb 11, 2004, at 4:02 PM, Wouter Grol wrote:
> I have an old pc on witch I want to install freebsd, only when the 
> bios does not see the cdrom drive.  But windows does.


If the BIOS doesn't recognize the CD-ROM drive, that's generally a 
NO-GO for FreeBSD working with the drive.  You probably have a 
proprietary driver for the device to make it work under Windows.  
However, I think FreeBSD had limited support for some of the old 
pre-ATAPI CD-ROM drives from Mitsumi and Sony (rebranded by 
Creative)...from LINT see:

# Miscellaneous hardware:
# mcd: Mitsumi CD-ROM using proprietary (non-ATAPI) interface
# scd: Sony CD-ROM using proprietary (non-ATAPI) interface

Is your drive one of these?  Otherwise, it's probably better to spend 
$50 and get a standard CD-ROM drive...


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