Please help me update my address book

Benjamin Meade ben at
Tue Feb 10 21:06:15 PST 2004

Buck Jones wrote:

> sorry for the inconvenience Freebsd-Questions,
> I'm updating my address book. Please take a moment to update
> your latest contact information. Your information is stored in
> my personal address book and will not be shared with anyone
> else. Plaxo is free, if you'd like to give it a try.
> only enter the information you want me to have. I will share
> this with no one...I just like to have a good contact list. it
> saves on bounced emails..
> Click the following link to correct or confirm your information:

Benjamin Meade
System Administrator
LanWest Pty Ltd
Ph:  +61 (8) 9440 3033
Fax: +61 (8) 9440 3370

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