Segmentation Fault Question

Brendan McAlpine bmcalpine at
Tue Feb 10 14:42:54 PST 2004

Hey everyone,

I am running version 4.3 and I am running into the following problem.  
When running one of the commands in vpopmail, I am getting a core dump 
(segmentation fault).

There is no obvious vpopmail answer, so I'm thinking it might be system 

I ran ktrace/kdump on the process, and here are the last few lines of 
the output:

77402 vpasswd  RET   write 8192/0x2000
  77402 vpasswd  PSIG  SIGSEGV SIG_DFL
  77402 vpasswd  NAMI  "vpasswd.core"

Can anyone tell me why I am getting segmentation faults?  Let me know 
if you need any more info.  The configuration of the system hasn't been 
changed and everything was working fine until recently, when the 
command started generating these errors.



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