Out of memory and inactive memory

Uwe Doering gemini at geminix.org
Tue Feb 10 07:00:10 PST 2004

Douwe Osinga wrote:
>>Do you happen to have a per-process data size limit?  What does
> Hey, thanks, that could be it. It says datasize limit = 130 Mbyte
> sort of where the process stopped working.
> Is there a way to change this setting on a global scale? I.e. if
> I limit datasize unlimited, it seems that only works for the
> current session.

Provided it doesn't get set explicitly by a 'ulimit' or 'limit' command 
in some shell start-up script the datasize limit could be set in 
'/etc/login.conf'.  If you change anything in there don't forget to run 
'cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf' in order to re-generate the corresponding 
database file.

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