Problems with kdevelop3

J. Seth Henry jshamlet at
Tue Feb 10 06:00:49 PST 2004

I recently built kdevelop3 from the ports tree, and it has been, to say the 
least, a bit unstable. Has anyone else had any problems with it?

Specifically, after opening a project, it will crash out very easily. Closing 
the project, adding files to the project -  even closing the application a 
project open will cause a crash handler to pop up. I thought it might be 
having a problem with old configuration files, so I removed all of the 
kdevelop specific configuration files from my home directory. 

I'm not sure whether this is a specific build problem on my system, perhaps a 
problem with the FreeBSD port, or a kdevelop issue. It seems a bit strange 
they would call this a "stable" build if it were happening to everyone. Also, 
since it isn't yet built into a package, perhaps it's just a port bug that 
hasn't been worked out yet?

As for the build environment, it's a FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE system (I haven't 
cvsup'ed the base system). I am using the ports tree from Monday, around 
12:00 PM EST.

Also, how do you turn on debugging information when you compile via the ports 
tree? If I need to file a kde bug report, it would be nice to have a full 

Seth Henry

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