SMBFS and vfs.usermount. BUG??

Edd Barrett freebsd at
Tue Feb 10 03:57:52 PST 2004

Hi there. I think i may have discovered a bug in free bsd 5.2-RELEASE, it
may be in earlier versions too, but I have not tried it (maybe someone
running 4.x could try it)

I have made an fstab entry and nsmbrc file for a smb share. vfs.usermount is
set to 1.
A normal user (me in this case (edd)) can mount a cdrom drive (on a dir
owned by him):

mount /home/edd/cdrom
umount /home/edd/cdrom

this returns no errors and proves that vfs.usermount is working for cd9660

mount /home/edd/rhome

works fine... but

umount /home/edd/rhome

does NOT work. (permission denied) Is this a bug or am I being dumb?


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