I'm really upset with my new computer

parv parv at pair.com
Mon Feb 9 18:48:39 PST 2004

in message <4027C633.6080804 at pythonemproject.com>, wrote Rob2
> Nvidia video doesn't work.  I downloaded the latest binary from
> Nvidia and I don't know where it went on my computer.
> I'm just having a bad day.  BTW Win XP is working flawlessly, just
> to rub it in.  This is Dell 8600 laptop.  I just needed to rant
> and complain.  It will get figured out in time.  I remember when
> I bought my Sony laptop I had a whole crop of similar problems.

Throw it my way, i will see what i can do w/ it...  on the second
thought, now that 3 years of warranty has ended on my Dell i5000e
and a few days ago was having w/ startup (as in *no* response on
pressing the power button), i am not sure i would want anoter Dell

  - Parv


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