PHP 4.3.4_6 make failed

I Nyoman Suka Ada guido at
Mon Feb 9 15:55:32 PST 2004

I was compiling PHP 4.3.4_6
but the configure script failed with this message:

checking for Apache 1.x module support via DSO through APXS...

Sorry, I was not able to successfully run APXS.  Possible reasons:

1.  Perl is not installed;
2.  Apache was not compiled with DSO support (--enable-module=so);
3.  'apxs' is not in your path.  Try to use --with-apxs=/path/to/apxs

I confirmed that Perl has been installed,
apache was compiled with DSO support,
and I also modified the Makefile to include

Im using FBSD 5.1
help is greatly appreciated.


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