supfile tag to use? port/src

Julien Gabel jpeg at
Mon Feb 9 12:16:38 PST 2004

>> You are right.
>> /usr/share/examples/cvsup/stable-supfile is more...
>> explicit :)

> What do you mean?  The handbook says "don't use tag=.,
> except for ports", but the standard file has such.
> Which is it?  Use it or don't?  And if I do what
> branch will I be getting?

The standard-supfile is for -CURRENT aka the HEAD or "." in
cvsup(1) terminology. It seems not to be what you want here (?).

In the stable-supfile you can read...
  # The following line is for 4-stable. If you want 3-stable or
  # 2.2-stable, change "RELENG_4" to "RELENG_3" or "RELENG_2_2"
  # respectively.
  *default release=cvs tag=RELENG_4
... which is very different from "." and although more clear.

>>   /cvs-tags.html
>> 5.2.1 is not here right now.

> Looking at that url I see two tags of note: RELENG_5_2
> and RELENG_5_2_1_RELEASE.  is the _RELEASE tag just
> the 5.2.1 as it was released and no updates since?  Is
> RELENG_5_2 current ie = 5.2.1?

If you want o stick with:
  * 5.2-RELEASE, use tag RELENG_5_2_0_RELEASE
  * 5.2 security and fixes (-p?), use RELENG_5_2

> What I don't understand is what tag I should use to
> follow the 5.X series.  Must I change the tag
> everytime a new version comes out?  Is there not a tag
> I can use that get the lastest in the 5.x CURRENT
> series always?

HEAD is "." is -CURRENT. But if you want to use this branch
be sure to read carefully :\


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