Sendmail questions

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Mon Feb 9 10:14:39 PST 2004

Morning everyone.

I have a few questions in general about Sendmail and a few in regards to 
sendmail on FreeBSD.
(NOTE: I do use postfix for a lot of my mail servers, but for one 
particular instance, I need to use Sendmail.)

My first question is about resources for learning Sendmail. I currently 
have the "Bat book" and have been using it to work my around sendmail, but 
the learning curve is pretty steep and im looking for other resources as 
well. Does anyone recommend any web sites other books that can help start 
the learning process for sendmail? I can be quite trivial at times. :)

Second question is in regards to Sendmail on FreeBSD. I'm currently running 
FreeBSD 4.9 and the version that comes shipped with 4.9 is 8.12.9p I believe.

I want to know what is the best way to go about upgrading sendmail on 
FreeBSD boxes? Is it better to build sendmail out of the ports tree?
Or, is it better to d/l the source and compile it manually.

Is there a difference? Is one better than the other?

I appreciate the help.


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