How to safely merge two slices on harddisk?

Rob nospam at
Mon Feb 9 09:49:46 PST 2004


Thank you for your detailed answer to my question.

Malcolm Kay wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Feb 2004 13:46, Rob wrote:
>     Do not change the offset of 'f'. If 'g' does not physically
>     follow 'f' on the disk then this is not going to work -- give up
>     now!!!

How can I find that out? Is it the slice order in the disk label editor
from /stand/sysinstall :

Disk: ad1       Partition name: ad1s1   Free: 0 blocks (0MB)

Part      Mount          Size Newfs
----      -----          ---- -----
ad1s1a    <none>        100MB *
ad1s1e    <none>       3100MB *
ad1s1f    <none>       3100MB *
ad1s1g    <none>       3100MB *
ad1s1h    <none>        300MB *
ad1s1b    <none>        300MB *
ad1s1d    <none>      66316MB *

In this table f and g are back-to-front lined up.
Does that mean f physically follows g?

 > Asking a question and giving a non-existent email address is quite rude.

Sorry, but I consider a potential spam risk when using a real address on
this publicly accessible list. The list is my communication medium and I
monitor the list on gmane. I hope you understand.


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