pkg database corrupted ? (LONG)

Antoine Jacoutot ajacoutot at
Mon Feb 9 09:40:30 PST 2004

On Monday 09 February 2004 18:21, Julien Gabel wrote:
> 1/ After ran cvsup(1), have you tried to regenerate the INDEX file in
>    addition to INDEX.db?
>     # portsdb -Uu
> 2/ Then, maybe you can try to re-create all the package database with:
>     # pkgdb -fu

Well, as I said in my previous mail, I did all that... well, except "portsdb 
-U" because I though "make index" was kind of the same.
Anyway, I uninstall a package (php4) and reinstalled it... and my database was 
updated correctly.
I really don't know what happened, but it is fixed now.


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