What OS should I use?

Jud judmarc at fastmail.fm
Mon Feb 9 09:35:59 PST 2004

On Mon, 9 Feb 2004 13:47:50 +0100, "Peter Schuller"
<peter.schuller at infidyne.com> said:
> > I also think there may be another issue I haven't diagnosed yet. I tried a
> > version of KNOPPIX WFTL edition from a book (Moving to Linux) but it
> > wouldn't load on my machine. It asked me to insert another disk but I
> > didn't have one (I got the book from the library). It did load on friends
> > PC so the disk was good though it ran to slow from the CD ROM to know if
> > I'd want Linux. I do know that that the regular KNOPPIX comes with two
> Knoppix is no indication on the speed of Linux - and the same goes for
> any 
> other livecd system. Performance is greatly hampered by the slow seeking
> and 
> reading of the CD. Especially given the (by today's standards) low amount
> of 
> RAM we are talking about.

KNOPPIX and other operating systems in livecd form use your RAM as
something like a hard drive.  Little RAM = low capacity hard drive, maybe
too low for KNOPPIX to load everything it needed to run on your machine.


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