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Mon Feb 9 05:43:58 PST 2004

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On Mon, 9 Feb 2004 13:18:14 GMT
vext01 <freebsd at> wrote:

> i has this problem.
> You must use /etc/nsmb.conf
> See the man page!


> >However, if I have the password in /root/.nsmbrc, the mount /vol/fnan/d
> >doesn't promt for password. So it seems that entries in
> >/usr/local/etc/nsmb.conf aren't used as defaults, but only overrides the
> >entries in ~/.nsmbrc.


     -N      Do not ask for a password.  At run time, mount_smbfs reads the
             ~/.nsmbrc file for additional configuration parameters and a
             password.  If no password is found, mount_smbfs prompts for it.
     ~/.nsmbrc  Keeps static parameters for connections and other information.
                See /usr/share/examples/smbfs/dot.nsmbrc for details.

Well, from /usr/share/examples/smbfs/dot.nsmbrc :

# smbfs lookups configuration files in next order:
#       1. ~/.nsmbrc
#       2. /usr/local/etc/nsmb.conf - if this file found it will
#          override values with same keys from user files.

But indeed from NSMB.CONF(5):

     /etc/nsmb.conf  The default remote mount-point configuration file.

So I guess this is left over from the times when mount_smbfs was not in
the base system. I'm curious what file it use if one uses samba.

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